Neuro Treatment Plinths serve as the foundation for effective neurological therapy sessions. These treatment plinths are crafted to ensure patient safety, comfort, and security. Their design caters precisely to the needs of those in neurological rehabilitation. Healthcare providers across various settings rely on these plinths. Physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers all make use of them.

The plinths we offer are robust and user-friendly. They provide stable support for various treatments. Patients find reassurance in their sturdy construction during therapy. Adjustable features allow for personalized patient positioning. This customization is key for effective neurological recovery. Each plinth also boasts easy-to-clean surfaces, maintaining a hygienic environment. Hygiene is paramount in all healthcare settings.

Designed for versatility, these plinths support a wide range of exercises. Clinicians value the flexibility these plinths offer during treatment sessions. The plinths integrate seamlessly into diverse therapeutic modalities. They accommodate patients’ evolving needs throughout their rehabilitation journey. Our plinths also include models like tilt tables and Bobath tables. Tilt tables help patients with mobility and circulatory challenges. Bobath tables offer ample space for exercises and movements.

APE ensures these Neuro Treatment Plinths aid in patient progress. Their construction helps achieve therapeutic milestones. We understand the importance of quality equipment in neurological rehabilitation. Our commitment to excellence reflects in every plinth we provide.


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