Objective measurements are important when assessing patients’ conditions. It helps to determine injury severity and helps to monitor patient progress. APE Medical can supply and large range of Evaluation and Measurement tools that will assist in your assessment requirements.

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  • Bodisure Weight Scales

    $30.00 ex GST
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  • MicroFET2 MMT Handheld Dynamometer

    $2,506.99$3,605.63 ex GST
  • Omron HEM7361T Elite + AFIB Blood Pre...

    $234.50 ex GST
    SKU: SWHEM7361T
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  • A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monit...

    $66.00 ex GST
    SKU: SWUA-651SL
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  • Acapella Choice Vibratory Pep Device ...

    SKU: EBSI27-7000
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  • MX Health Pulse Oximeter

    $81.82 ex GST
    SKU: MNMX86001
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  • OMRON HEM-7144T1 Automatic Blood Pres...

    $129.90 ex GST
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  • Baseline BIMS Digital 5-Position Dyna...

    $619.00$995.00 ex GST
  • Baseline BIMS Digital Grip Dynamomete...

    $361.90$588.50 ex GST
  • Baseline BIMS Digital Pinch Dynamomet...

    $295.00$495.00 ex GST
  • Baseline Smedley Spring Dynamometers

    $239.00$339.00 ex GST
  • Obesity Simulation Suit

    $5,315.08 ex GST
    SKU: ERL8001
  • Squegg – Digital Grip Strengthener

    $89.00 ex GST
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  • ActivForce 2 Digital Muscle Tester Dy...

    $552.00 ex GST
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  • AxIT System

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  • Baseline Bubble Inclinometer

    $129.57 ex GST
    SKU: DJ12-1056
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  • Baseline Finger Goniometer Metal Delu...

    $65.00 ex GST
    SKU: DJ12-1011
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  • Baseline Finger Goniometer standard

    $63.70 ex GST
    SKU: DJ12-1010
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  • Baseline Goniometers

    $18.36$33.36 ex GST
  • Baseline Hand Dynamometer – LiT...

    $400.00 ex GST
    SKU: FAB12-0241
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  • Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

    $520.00 ex GST
    SKU: FAB12-0240
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  • Baseline Load Cell MMT

    $1,220.00$1,929.00 ex GST
  • Baseline Metal Absolute+Axis Goniomet...

    $89.00 ex GST
    SKU: DJ12-1027
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  • Baseline Push-Pull Dynamometer

    $899.00$1,390.00 ex GST
    SKU: FAB12-03


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