APE Medical can supply a wide range if disinfectant wipes and solutions to help keep injuries clean and ready to heal.

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  • Solosite Hydrating Gel 50g

    SKU: SN36361354s
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  • Everyday Soft Patient Wipes

    $7.50 ex GST
    SKU: PHRHS303
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  • AeroAid Antiseptic Cream 25g tube

    $3.63 ex GST
    SKU: AHAA25
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  • AeroCool Instant Cooling Cold Spray 2...

    $15.00 ex GST
    SKU: AHAC200
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  • Sodium Chloride Intravenous Infusion ...

    $6.50 ex GST
    SKU: EBBXAHB1323
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  • Acetone 500ml

    $31.33 ex GST
    SKU: BPSIG0032888
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  • Baxter Darrows IV Solution 1 Litre

    $21.95$249.00 ex GST
  • Anusol- 50g

    $9.00 ex GST
    SKU: SWanu01
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  • Aqafy Saline Solution

    $1.20$60.00 ex GST
  • Betadine Antiseptic Liquid

    $10.65$17.00 ex GST
  • Betadine Antiseptic Spray 75ml

    $21.00 ex GST
    SKU: SWBET09
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  • Betadine Cream- 20g

    $11.95 ex GST
    SKU: SWBET13
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  • Bottle Steriliser Water 10ltr

    $32.00 ex GST
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  • Chlorhexidine Solution- 30ml tubes

    $30.00$125.00 ex GST
  • Elastoplast Spray Plaster 30ml

    $12.88 ex GST
    SKU: BDF48605
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  • Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment 50...

    $8.25 ex GST
    SKU: BDF48384
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  • Dettol Antiseptic Solution 250 ml

    $6.20 ex GST
  • Friars Balsam 25ml

    $7.25 ex GST
    SKU: SWFRI02
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  • Iodine Swabs- Box 200

    SKU: SENPOV001
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  • Iodosorb Ointment 10g

    $51.70$169.00 ex GST
  • SURGIgel Plus 3gm Lubricating Sachets...

    SKU: BPMEDLG1002
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  • Liv-Wipe Skin Prep Antiseptic Cleansi...

    $29.88 ex GST
    SKU: LIVSN5196N
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  • Mediswabs- Alcohol Wipes- Box 200

    SKU: SN71936-06
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  • Miltons Solution 5 litres

    $89.00 ex GST
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