Musculature models are anatomical models that display the human body’s muscular system, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These models are ideal for students, medical professionals, and patients seeking to understand the structure and function of the human body’s muscular system.

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  • Miniature torso, 16-part, dual sex

    $415.26 ex GST
    SKU: ERLB223
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  • Muscular Figure, 30 Parts, 85 cm

    $2,346.46 ex GST
    SKU: ERLB160
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  • Sexless torso, 12 parts

    $1,114.46 ex GST
    SKU: ERLB109
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  • Torso with open back, 27-part, dual s...

    $1,324.06 ex GST
    SKU: ERLB235
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  • Arm Muscles, 7-part

    $648.86 ex GST
    SKU: ERLM211
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  • Back Muscle Model – 4 Part

    $312.86 ex GST
    SKU: ERLM290
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  • Leg Muscles, 13-part

    $904.86 ex GST
    SKU: ERLM220
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  • Muscular Figure, 1/3 life size

    $533.66 ex GST
    SKU: ERLB90
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