Neurological positioning supports are an essential tool for individuals with neurological conditions that affect their mobility. These conditions can range from strokes to brain injuries and can result in excessive muscle tone or stiffness, reducing joint range of motion (ROM). Without proper support, these individuals may struggle to maintain their mobility and may be at a higher risk for injury or further deterioration.

APE Medical recognizes the importance of providing support for individuals with neurological conditions and offers a wide range to help maintain joint ROM in affected joints. These supports can be used on a variety of joints, including the shoulders, hips, and knees, and are designed to provide support and stability while still allowing for some movement.

The use of positioning supports can be incredibly beneficial for individuals with neurological conditions that affect their mobility. These supports can help to reduce strain on joints, improve alignment, and maintain ROM, allowing for better mobility and a reduced risk of injury. APE Medical is dedicated to providing a range of positioning supports to meet the needs of individuals with neurological conditions and help them maintain their mobility and independence.

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  • Comfy Splints C-Grip Hand

  • Ottobock Omo Neurexa Plus

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    Comfyprene™ Elbow Orthosis

  • Comfyprene™ Hand Wrist Finger

  • ComfySplints™ Elbow

  • ComfySplints™ Hand Wrist Finger

  • Comfy™ Ambulating Boot

  • Comfy™ Boot

  • Comfy™ Hand Thumb

  • Comfy™ Night Boot

  • Comfy™ Splint Comfy Boot

  • Anti Spasticity Ball Splint

  • Carve-It Hand Positioning Splint

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  • Oval 8 Sizing Set

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  • Palm Protector with Finger Separator

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  • Progressive Palm Protector Splint

    SKU: AUSPAT-A812
  • SoftPro Grip

  • Trulife Lenox Hill Hinged Swedish Kne...

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