Crepe Bandages are used to fixate dressings to the body. APE Medical supplies a large range of bandages to suit all clubs, schools and hospitals.

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  • Handy Bandage Clips Box of 50

    $22.50 ex GST
    SKU: SN73108-12
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  • Conforming Bandage Pk 12

    $3.50$6.90 ex GST
  • Comprilan Compression Bandage

    $17.50$24.50 ex GST
  • Handycrepe Medium Light Support Non-A...

    $3.65$77.00 ex GST
  • Handyband Conforming Elastic Gauze Ba...

    $11.58$22.46 ex GST
  • Handycrepe Heavy Weight

    $3.75$105.00 ex GST
  • Handycrepe Heavy Weight (with clip)

    $4.27$125.50 ex GST
  • Handycrepe Hospital Light Support Non...

    $1.95$43.10 ex GST
  • Quick Wrap – Sterile Cohesive B...

    $3.50 ex GST
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  • SENTRY Medicrepe Heavy Crepe Bandage

    $1.25$20.00 ex GST
  • SENTRY Medicrepe Medium Crepe Bandage

    $1.30$14.00 ex GST
  • Tensocrepe Heavy Weight BP

    $3.95$98.93 ex GST
  • Tensocrepe Medium Weight

    $2.20$57.45 ex GST


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