Patellofemoral, or knee cap pain, is a very common knee complaint with pain typically presenting around, and under the knee cap. Stretching, strengthening and bracing are the mainstays of treatment and management of the problem. Here you will find bracing, supports, local creams and exercise equipment which are all important parts of your rehab. Consult your health practitioner for a complete diagnosis and management plan.

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  • Supporta Patella Tracking Support Sle...

  • Resista Cryo Wrap

    $22.90 ex GST
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  • Resista Fabric Loop Bands

    $14.90$54.95 ex GST
  • 10cm Trigger Massage Ball

    $9.00$265.00 ex GST
  • Orthocare Genucare Jumper’s Kne...

    SKU: OC6157
  • Blue Gel Hot/Cold Pack 250 x 250mm

    $12.00 ex GST
    SKU: LIVHCP250X250N
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  • Resista Decline Board – Foam

    $69.00 ex GST
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  • Fixomull Stretch

    $17.19$730.00 ex GST
  • Flexi Pack Hot/Cold Pack

    $5.50$9.05 ex GST
    SKU: AM402
  • Genumedi® PSS

  • Genumedi® PT

  • EOFY Deal- 20% Off

    Strapit K TAPE- 5cm X 5M

    $16.36 ex GST
  • Strapit One – Knee

    $8.65 ex GST
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  • KS7 Knee Compression Sleeve

    $39.00 ex GST
  • Lister Tape Scissors Stainless Steel

    $9.00$11.00 ex GST
    SKU: Medsc
  • Orthaheel Wave Thongs

    $54.50 ex GST
    SKU: 24WAVE
  • Ottobock Genu Carezza Patella Stabili...

    SKU: R8360N
  • Rehband Genu Lux

    SKU: R7158
  • RESISTA Antiburst Exercise Balls

    $29.90$39.90 ex GST
  • Resista Balance Disc

    $33.00 ex GST
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  • Resista Elastic Resistance Band

    $6.44$71.50 ex GST
  • Resista Foam Roller

    $27.23$650.00 ex GST
  • Resista Tubing with Handles

    $15.90$170.00 ex GST
  • Resista Wobbleboard

    $37.00$49.00 ex GST


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