Patient Transfer & Manual Handling Products are tools for facilitating the transfer and assistance of patients with mobility difficulties and can greatly improve the safety and comfort of both patients and healthcare workers. These tools can range from simple devices such as transfer boards and gait belts to more complex mechanical lifts and hoists.

Transfer boards are thin, flat boards that are used to bridge the gap between a bed, chair, or other surface and a wheelchair, allowing patients to easily slide from one to the other without having to bear their own weight. Gait belts, on the other hand, are worn around the waist and used to support patients as they walk or transfer to another surface.

Mechanical lifts and hoists, such as ceiling lifts and portable patient lifts, are used to lift and transfer patients who are unable to bear their own weight or have difficulty standing. These devices use hydraulic or electric motors to raise and lower the patient, and are typically operated by a caregiver or healthcare worker.

In addition to traditional mechanical lifts, there are also various types of slings and harnesses available that can be used in conjunction with mechanical lifts to provide additional support and comfort for the patient.


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