The DVA have preferred suppliers of medical products for DVA patients. However these suppliers do not always have the right product for your client such bracing and supports, exercise equipment or treatment tables as examples. The good news is you can still get the exact product you need from APE Medical by going through a few simple steps.
Once you have found the product you need from our catalogue, follow the pathway below to get it approved by the DVA. It is fairly straight forward, however if you need any help just contact us.

We have a huge range of products that may help you, your patient or anyone else that you are caring for.

This includes:

Quotes can be completed online but if you rather do it the old fashioned way then you can simply email our DVA department directly on Please provide all details including DVA number, delivery details and which products you need and we can get things organised for you.

If you do have any questions please contact us on If you would rather actually just talk to a human, then just give us a call on 1300 799 171.


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