Rigid strapping tapes are the most important tool in the sports trainer and clinician’s tool kit. These tapes are used to provide the majority of joint and limb stability when taping. APE Medical supplies a complete range of strapping tapes to suit all b

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    Strapit Greentech Rigid Tape

    Strapit Greentech 2.0 Rigid Tape

    $5.65$230.00 ex GST
  • Elastoplast Rigid Strapping Tape

    $9.60$240.00 ex GST
  • Elastoplast Sport Rigid Strapping Tap...

    $6.50 ex GST
    SKU: 48422
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  • Leuko Premium Plus Sports Tape

    $7.50$260.00 ex GST
  • Leukoplast 12.5mm Rigid Tape

    $3.50$74.00 ex GST
  • Solvatech LF Rigid Tape

    $12.00 ex GST
  • Strapit Premium Rigid Tape

    $49.00$195.00 ex GST
  • Strapit Latex Free Rigid Tape

    $11.95$93.50 ex GST
  • Strapit Professional Sports Rigid Tap...

    $8.55$230.00 ex GST
  • Strapit Taping Combo Pack

    $23.18 ex GST
    SKU: STcombo
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