JOBST Bella garments are the leaders in lymphoedema management. Coming in Lite and Strong, they also come in different variations to suit all problem degrees. Comfort is the key and JOBST Bella garments provide effective and comfortable management for all lymphoedema problems.

Please see some very important information regarding the purchasing of JOBST garments here.

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  • Jobst Bella Lite Arm Sleeve 20-30mmHg

    SKU: SN7527
  • Jobst Bella Lite Gauntlet 20-30mmHg

    SKU: SN7528
  • JOBST Bella Lite Glove

    SKU: SN71026
  • Jobst Bella Lite Sleeve With Glove

  • Jobst Bella Strong Armsleeve 20-30mmH...

    SKU: SN7273
  • Jobst Bella Strong Gauntlet 20-30mmHg

    SKU: SN73694-4
  • JOBST Bella Strong Glove

    SKU: SN75291


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