Registered NDIS Provider

At APE, we specialize in supplying both recumbent and upright bikes, each tailored for clients managing neurological conditions. The design of our recumbent bikes focuses on delivering a more comfortable riding position, ensuring clients can exercise without unnecessary strain. In contrast, our upright bikes are engineered to engage a broader range of muscles, offering a more comprehensive workout.

Each bike in our collection boasts adjustable features, allowing clients to modify the fit and posture according to their individual needs and comfort. The resistance levels on these bikes are also customizable, enabling clients to gradually increase the intensity of their workouts as their strength and endurance improve.

The benefits of using our bikes extend beyond physical well-being. They are instrumental in enhancing psychological health by promoting independence and contributing to a sense of achievement as clients notice improvements in their abilities. Regular use of these bikes can lead to better cardiovascular health, improved muscle tone, and increased joint mobility.

Furthermore, the adaptable nature of our bikes means that they can cater to a wide range of mobility levels, from those just starting their rehabilitation journey to those who are further along the path to recovery. Clients can confidently use these bikes, knowing they are designed with their safety and rehabilitation progress in mind.

APE’s commitment to client well-being is reflected in the careful design of these bikes. We understand the challenges faced by those with neurological conditions and strive to provide equipment that not only meets their physical rehabilitation needs but also supports their mental and emotional recovery. By offering these specialized bikes, APE empowers clients to take active steps towards regaining their independence and improving their quality of life.


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