Encore Recumbent Bike

Encore Recumbent Bike

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The Impulse Encore ECR7 Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike Features a Large, Comfortable Seat, which will Accomodate all Kinds of Users

Engineered with large handle bars with two position options, the Impulse Encore Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike has heart rate contact sensors and hand rests. The handle bars on the sides also feature rapid resistance level adjusters so users can increase or decrease resistance levels quickly and easily.

Step Through Design

With a user friendly step through design the ECR7 allows all fitness levels to step on and off bike easily.

Large Pedals

The large pedals feature a textured grip and an adjustable strap that goes easily over the shoe securing it in place. This strap also assists in the workout as the energy you put into pulling your leg up is using more muscle groups.

Unique Brake Feature

The incorporated self generating brake system allows user to ‘free wheel’, as in, when the user stops exercising the pedals stop with them, unlike some other exercise bikes where the pedals keep rotating.

20 Resistance Levels

An important feature in most areas of fitness and exercise is the ability to progress and regress. Being able to change the resistance levels allows users to begin (or cool down) with light resistance and increase it as their strength and stamina improves. It also provides more varied workouts, which is important for doing interval and sprint style training.

Self Powered

The ECR7 is completely self powered. Just a few turns of the pedals will activate the console and it will continue to stay activated until you are finished your workout.

Outstanding Display Console

The 6 window LED and dot matrix display clearly shows your workout progress. Having multiple windows allows the console to display multiple types of information to the user, further improving the workout experience.

Adjustable Seat

Ergonomically crafted, wrap-around, coloured seat adjustment handle allows users to make quick and easy seat adjustments. The contoured and ventilated mesh seat back improves comfort and enhanced air flow.

Convenient Storage Pocket

Fitted with a unique storage pocket under the seat, users can stow larger personal items such as magazines.


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