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Resista Fabric Loop Bands

$13.00$54.95 ex GST

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Resista Fabric Loop bands are the evolution in loop bands with increased comfort, durability and performance.

The Set of loop bands allows for easy progression of exercises as strength increases without the need to make any additional purchases. There are 5 Resista Fabric loop band strengths;

  • X-Light- Red
  • Light- Orange
  • Medium- Green
  • Heavy- Blue
  • X-Heavy- Black

The draw string carry bag allows for easy transport from the home to the gym or the sports club.

There are dozens of exercises that can be used with loop bands. The Resista Fabric Loop Bands give you the advantage of extra comfort and extra durability and with the 5 resistances in the set you will be able to reach your full potential.

  • 32cm x 6cm

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