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Low Back Pain in Pregnancy

This information sheet is designed to assist with the identification and treatment of Low Back Pain in Pregnancy and is suitable for both the clinician and the regular lay person.

What is it?

  • During pregnancy the body goes through many changes
  • Posture is changed as the baby grows and the lower back arch is increased, placing more stress on the low back
  • The hormones produced during pregnancy are designed to make the joints more supple in preparation for the birth, hence placing greater the joints at greater risk of strain
  • Majority of pregnancy related low back pain will resolve once baby is born



What do I look for?

  • Sharp/catching pain or ache at the base of the spine/ waist area
  • Pain into the buttocks or the leg. This can be down to the foot
  • Difficulty bending over or putting on your pants and shoes
  • Pain in your back after sitting at your desk for a prolonged period. Your posture plays a pivotal role

What causes it?

  • Pregnancy
  • Previous back injury

When do I see the therapist?

  • Therapists can provide an accurate diagnosis and use a range of manual techniques and supports to settle down your symptoms.  They will also be able to provide you with a tailored exercise program appropriate for your stage of pregnancy.
  • The main stay of managing pregnancy related back pain is activity modification and positioning.

Braces and Supports

There are a few supports that can be very helpful for back pain during pregnancy

  1. Serola Belt
  2. Supporta Pregancy Belt
  3. SRC pregnancy compression garments
  4. You can also view a wide range of products and supports that may help during your pregnancy in our Womens Health and Maternity section

Do I see my doctor?

  • If symptoms persist, your therapist  will advise when you need to see your doctor