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Exercise Sheets

Below you will find a number of different exercise sheets that we as physios use. The clinician is free to download them for their own use if they like. It is advised that before anyone begins an exercise program they consult with their health practitioner first for a complete diagnosis.

1. Achilles Tendon Program

2. Tennis Elbow

3. Golfers Elbow

4. Lower Limb Stretches

5. Upper Limb Stretches

6. Low Back Stretches

7. More Low Back Stretches

8. Neck Stretches


– All exercises are to be done with respect to pain. There should be no exacerbation of pain during or after the exercises.
– Please consult your Health Practitioner for a full assessment and diagnosis before commencing any of these exercises.
– Not all these exercises may be appropriate for your condition so please consult your Health Practitioner.