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Strapping and Taping

In this section you will find plenty of useful info relating to taping and strapping. From tips and hints to full video demos there is plenty of useful info to help all sports trainers.


  1. Strapping and Taping- general tips
  2. Strapping and Taping Procedures
  3. Quick guide to strapping tapes

Sports Taping Demos

Upper Limb

  1. Thumb
  2. Wrist
  3. Wrist Hyper-Extension
  4. Elbow Hyper-extension or Medial/Lateral stability
  5. Shoulder A/C Joint
  6. Shoulder Instability

Lower Limb

  1. Standard Ankle
  2. Ankle Heel Lock technique
  3. Arch support- LODYE
  4. Knee- MCL
  5. Patellofemoral
  6. Patella tendon
  7. Achilles
  8. Shin Splints

GRIPIT Active Technique Demos

Gripit Active is a functional tape that has 4 way stretch. It is synthetic tape rather than cotton and has significant shock absorbing capabilities due to its high level of elasticity. The application of the tape is very different to the application of regular kinesio tapes. Check out some of the techniques below.

  1. Wrist and DeQuervain’s
  2. Shoulder
  3. Plantar Fascia and heel pain
  4. Knee
  5. Hamstring
  6. Tennis Elbow


1. Upper Neck Pain

2. Torso and Back

3. Legs and Knees

5. Feet and Hands