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Education Presentations

Below are a number of presentations on various topics, suited for both the clinician and the regular lay person.  They are presented in pdf form for easy download.

1. Hamstring Muscle Strains

A look at the evidence and best practice management of Hamstring Injuries.

2. Initial Management of Acute Sports Injuries

A run through what to do in the initial stages of any injury.

3. Muscle Energy Techniques Part I

Here we have a look at a therapeutic practice that clinicians are split apart by. Part 1 covers the theory and assessment using the Muscle energy techniques.

Muscle Energy Techniques Part II covers the treatment techniques.

4. Strapping Techniques

Basic Strpping techniques and procedures when strapping for a sports team.

5. Taping for Function

More advanced strapping techniques for both the sports trainer and the clinician.

6. Sports Trainers and getting through Finals

A look at how how Sports Trainers can best prepare for the finals season.

7. DOMS – Muscle Soreness

What is it and what can we do about it?

6. Trigger points

We look at what they are, where we find common ones and how we deal with them.

7. Chronic Lateral Elbow Pain

A presentation on lateral elbow pain.

8. Physiotherapy for Lateral Elbow Pain- Tennis Elbow

A look at the physiotherapy approach to treating lateral elbow pain

9. Tennis Elbow and Tennis

What factors contribute to tennis elbow in the tennis players and can this be helped

10. Clinical Reasoning

A look at how to reason clinically and how to improve your assessment skills as a clinician

11. Neuromuscular Basis for Stretching

What is the basis behind stretching?

12. Patello-femoral Knee Pain

Anterior knee pain- assessment and treatment for the clinician

13. Quick Guide to Strapping Tapes

Learn about the various tapes that you use as a trainer and when to use them.