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LP GripBuddy 3 Set

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Hand, fingers, and forearms injuries are common among athletes and the General Public.

To help accelerate the rehabilitation of hand and upper limb injuries, LP has developed the GRIPBUDDY. For athletes who want to strengthen forearm muscles and palm muscles, LP sports medicine team collaborates with hand therapists at our R&D center, to design the advanced training programs with the GRIPBUDDY.

Using various exercise programs, users can strengthen the hand muscles for rehabilitation or for performance and endurance training.

Three different colour-coded centre bodies provide progressive resistance throughout the rehabilitation and training process for sports injuries and to enhance performance.

The wavy shape and the centre chamber conform to the shape of the palm and fit the position of the fingers to make it easier to grip without slipping.

Made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone which is oil-based, non-toxic and safe to use.

For rehabilitation of sports injuries and muscles training.

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