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Commander Echo Static Force Gauge

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Static strength testing can provide crucial insight into a person’s functional abilities in rehab, sports medicine, employer services and many other markets. JTECH’s portable tools provide the ability to quickly perform a vast array of push, pull and lift tests to determine physical capacities for a variety of applications. Commander Echo offers a portable, highly accurate digital testing solution that doesn’t require a computer for data collection.

Note: The Commander Echo Console is required with an initial device purchase.


ce static strength accuracy

Greater Than 99% Accuracy

  • Precision technology achieves greater than 99% force accuracy.
  • Maximum force rated to 500 lbs for strong performers
  • Compatible with NIOSH lifting standards, normative data published in the AMA Guides and customized tests



  • Displays maximum force, Coefficient of Variation (CV), and test averages
  • Console stores 20 tests with up to 8 repetitions per test
  • Wireless console allows the tester to review data during active testing without influencing the patient’s level of effort
  • Six (6) different accessories for unlimited testing possibilities
  • Maximum force rated to 500 pounds for strong performers
  • Precision technology achieves greater than 99% force accuracy
  • Measures push force, pull force and weight
  • Calculates CV for multiple repetitions (NIOSH lifts)
  • Displays maximum force and average force for each repetition
  • Adjustable test time and ready time
  • Timed tests from 1-5 seconds or untimed tests for longer durations

Can be used to weigh workplace objects

ce static strength ced laptop

Greater Capabilities

  • Optional Commander Echo Downloader software available to reduce transcription errors. Data is downloaded directly from the console into a basic, easy-to-read report
  • All Echo devices can be upgraded to interface with JTECH’s Northstar Software programs

Included Accessories:

T-Bar – mount on side for pushing and pulling
D-Handle – for custom lifting and in-line testing
Hook with Stud – for attaching cables, hooks, ropes, etc.
4” Push Disk – for exerting force against flat items
Curved Pad – for push force measurements
Flat Pad – for push force measurements
Threaded Pad Adapter – for using pads
12” Cable – Can be used for different lifting, pushing or
pulling, or static strength tests
Protective Case – for portability and storage of gauge
and accessories.

Optional Addition: Mobile Lift Platform

The Mobile Lift Platform is a must if you plan on using your
Commander Echo Static Force Gauge for NIOSH lift testing.
This portable platform weighs 16 pounds and is rated to a
500-pound lift capacity. The Mobile Lift Platform includes
an easy to adjust strap to accommodate height differences,
a connector for the Force Gauge and an integrated grid
pattern for fast, accurate foot placement according to NIOSH

This Mobile Lifting System is a compact, well-designed static
lifting system that is great for FCEs, Jobsite analysis and Preplacement
Screens. The handle can be moved up and away
from the body for the NIOSH Arm, High-Far and High-Near
Lifts and for Job Simulation testing.

*Platform and Gauge sold separately.


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