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Commander Echo Muscle Tester

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Muscle strength testing is designed to objectively assess strength and provide solid evidence of functional losses and improvements through treatment. Commander Echo offers a portable, highly accurate digital testing solution that doesn’t require a computer for data collection. The Commander Echo console works with the wireless Echo muscle tester to capture and store all the relevant data and display it in the user’s preferred units of measurement.

Note: The Commander Echo Console is required with an initial device purchase.


ce muscle testing accuracy99% Accurate

  • Stability during tests is improved with “Axis Compensation” technology which guarantees 99% accuracy even with off-center placement
  • Design reduces rollover and tilting with a 2.11” high ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the palm
  • Measures in lb, kg, N
  • Automatic repetition collection allows users to move through tests without even clicking a button


ce muscle testing ced laptopGreater Capabilities

  • Optional Commander Echo Downloader software available to reduce transcription errors. Data is downloaded directly from the console into a basic, easy-to-read report
  • All Echo devices can be upgraded to interface with JTECH’s Northstar Software programs


  • Test protocols can be customized according to number of tests, starting force, newtons, kilograms or pounds and number of repetitions
  • Innovative pop-in system makes changing test pads fast and easy
  • Wireless console allows the tester to review data during active testing without influencing the patient’s level of effort
  • Console records and stores up to 20 tests with up to 4 repetitions per side
  • Axis-compensation circuitry guarantees 99% accuracy for off-center placement during tests
  • Reduces roll-over and tilting with a 2.11” high ergonomic design that fits in the palm
  • Measures up to 150 pounds for strong performers (has this increased to 200?)
  • Automatically records peak force and calculates coefficient of variation (CV) and bilateral strength deficits



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