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Commander Echo Grip Tester

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Hand strength is one of the most important aspects of a person’s autonomy, and is increasingly seen as a leading indicator of overall health. The Commander Echo grip is designed for hand strength testing or voluntary maximal effort evaluations. JTECH’s Grip device provides a snapshot of a patient’s health and functional ability in minutes. Commander Echo offers a portable, highly accurate digital testing solution that doesn’t require a computer for data collection The Commander Echo console works with the wireless Echo grip to capture and store all the relevant data and display it in the user’s preferred units of measurement.

Note: The Commander Echo Console is required with an initial device purchase.

ce grip testing accuracy

Comprehensive Testing

  • Performs 5-position, rapid exchange and sustained grip tests
  • Displays maximum force, coefficient of variation (CV), right and left average force and bilateral deficit
  • Adjustable test time with fatigue calculations for sustained grip tests
  • Measures in lb, kg, N


  • Performs 5-position, rapid exchange and sustained grip tests
  • Displays maximum force, CV, right and left average force and bilateral deficits
  • Adjustable test time with fatigue calculation for sustained grip tests
  • Digital load cell technology provides greater reliability and durability than other common (common or hydraulic?) gauges
  • Wireless console allows the tester to review data during active testing without influencing the patient’s level of effort
  • Axis Compensation smart load cell maintains accuracy even if force is applied off-center.
  • Quantifies effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and other repetitive trauma disorders
  • Compatible with normative data developed by Mathiowetz and published in the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides
  • Ideal for upper extremity evaluations, including post-offers and FCEs

Note: This item requires a Commander Echo Console to function. Multiple devices can be paired with one Console.


ce grip testing ced laptopGreater Capabilities

  • Optional Commander Echo Downloader software available to reduce transcription errors. Data is downloaded directly from the console into a basic, easy-to-read report
  • All Echo devices can be upgraded to interface with JTECH’s Northstar Software programs




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