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Bauerfeind OmoTrain


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Active support for early functional treatment of the shoulder joint.

For shoulder pain caused by osteoarthritis, or following  surgery (postoperative) or injury (posttraumatic) to the shoulder joint, the OmoTrain supports the shoulder joint in a centered position for improved joint guidance. The shoulder muscles are activated and the joint benefits from improved stability. If required, an additional pressure cushion (pad) can produce a local massage effect on the soft tissues of the shoulder.

  • alleviates pain
  • can be worn on the left or the right
  • breathable material

Protection for the shoulder.

Alleviating pain to promote mobility – such is the achievement of the OmoTrain, thanks to a system which has an active effect on the shoulder joint and which comprises an elastic support, straps and a shaped insert which can be positioned as required. It stabilizes and guides the shoulder joint, but without limiting movement. Compression and massage effects stimulate the metabolism. The elongated pad can be added by means of a Velcro system as treatment requires.

Supporting movement

The support is easy to put on and take off and is secured to the upper body by means of a soft strap. The breathable, anatomically contoured Train Active Knit adapts itself perfectly to the individual body shape, guarantees effective compression and offers excellent wearing comfort, even after hours of use. Optimal support is therefore provided for the healing process, pain is reduced and mobility improved.


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Circumference in cm 20 – 22 22 – 24 24 – 26 26 – 29 29 – 32 32 – 36 36 – 40




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