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As a sports trainer it is imperative to have a good understanding of the supplies you will need in order to do the best job possible. The Sports Club Zone is aimed at giving clubs and trainers access to the info and product ranges used the most, without having to spend time scouring through the whole website. 

APE Rewards + Manufacturer Rewards + Rebate

Our 2018 Essentials Club Guide is out now. Here you will find more info about our APE Rewards and what Manufacturer rewards are on offer when your club uses APE this season. By using APE Medical your club can earn up to $2000 worth of FREE product and cash rebate.Download the guide now.

You can claim the Elastoplast and APE Rewards at the same time!

We can tailor a specific sponsorship package for your club. Contact us for more info on how we can help you this winter.





At APE Medical we understand clubs have budgets. If you have a specific budget that you need to stick to then please contact one of our account managers who can tailor your package. You will still get rewards no matter which product brand you go for so we can guide you through all the options.



Sport Specific Ranges

Click on the categories below to view the essential ranges most commonly used by sports trainers;



Download our Sports Club Checklist to make sure you have all the essentials before the winter season starts.


Courses and Resources

There are several websites that offer a tonne of info, as well as courses being run acorss Australia that will upskill you as a sports trainer. Follow the links below to see more..

Sports Medicine Australia- SMA run the Level 1 and Level 2 Sports trainer courses as well as taping events. Their website is a great resource for anything sports trainer related. They have video demos as well as injury and sports fact sheets. Check them out.

Strapit- They are conducting taping courses around Oz, including their new Functional Deload Techniques (FDT) using Active Gripit tape. Check out where there is a course near you.

WAFTA- The WA Football Trainer Association conducts strapping courses through the winter season. If you are located in WA then they are well worth checking out and getting involved with.

- AAP Education- These guys run a number of different courses around Oz including acupuncture, RTU, manual therapy and anatomy courses. There is plenty to check out at their website including case studies, current courses and more.

- Rocktape- Rocktape run courses all over OZ. Check out their website for a course near you.

- APE Medical Our website has a buch of information as well. Check out the Education Section on the home page top menu to peruse the info and presentations that are available.