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Surgimask Level 1- 80mmHg Bx/50

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The Surgimask  Level 1 surgical mask meets the highest ASTM standard for a level 1 surgical mask that has the following specifications;

  • Fluid Resistance: 80mmHg
  • BFE > 99% – bacterial filtration at 0.3 microns (Bacetria)
  • PFE >95% – viral filtration at 0.1 microns (Virus)
  • Delta P / Breathability ≤ 1.8 (very comfortable)
  • Flammability : CLASS 1

The Surgical mask Level 1 surgical mask is suitable for general purpose medical procedures to protect staff and/or patient and also for the general public.

It protects the user and the surrounding public from droplet exposure to micro-organisms.

Fitting Instructions
How to fit a face mask properly.

It sounds easy but how many of us have actually worn a face mask before? Check out the vid below to view some simple tips that will ensure you get the most comfortable and best fit.

Key Points

  • blue side facing out and white side facing you
  • stretch mask and hook loops around ears
  • pinch and mold the bendable nose piece around nose and mold top of mask along cheek bone
  • pull and stretch mask down and under chin
  • mold edges to face for final secure check



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