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HighTrainer is the newest product developed by HighRoller in their line of lifestyle and fitness products. It’s multi-functionality means it can be used for massage, stretching and exercise. It’s lightweight and portable, meaning you can do it all, anywhere and anytime.


  • Exercise resistance band with width adjustable twin massage balls and unique locking system that allows it to be attached to a chair or a door.
  • Easy to carry and use in different locations. 
  • Includes over 100 different exercises and dynamic stretching to strengthen muscle, build core strength and enhance performance.
  • Can be used for trigger point and myofascial massaging of the neck, shoulders, back, and arms.
  •  Lightweight portability allows it to be used anywhere, including home, hotel, office, gym or even car and saves you valuable time.
  • Adjustable width of massage balls allows user to transform its shape to fit unique spaces and directly contact different muscles. 
  • Use for dynamic stretching to improve mobility, increase blood circulation, warm up before a heavy workout or even enhance coordination/balance training.
  • Includes best features of the HighBaller, in a lightweight and portable form made with high impact and durable materials guaranteed to enhance your journey to peak performance.

1. Massage

HighTrainer can be used for trigger point massage while working, traveling or even driving a car. Its unique locking system allows you to attach the product to a chair or a car seat. You can even adjust the width of the balls to fit exactly your body and muscles. Save valuable time and massage your muscles while working or driving. Savor the long-term benefits of HighTrainer by releasing your stiff, tight muscles to make everyday life easy and more enjoyable.

2. Train

Workout anytime, anywhere with HighTrainer. It’s easy to carry and easy to use in different locations. Spend less time in a busy gym and more time working out in the office or in your own living room.  Safely attach HighTrainer’s exercise band to any door and do all the same movements and more than with a normal exercise band. 

3. Stretch

Dynamic stretching is useful for improving mobility, warming up before a heavy workout, or coordination/balance training. It’s also great for improving blood circulation after periods of rest or immobility. To really feel the benefits of daily stretching, try doing short series of stretches for your target areas daily.   


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