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Allied health professionals have long used a variety of techniques for the treatment of lower limb muscular and fascial tightness including Foam Rollers, tennis balls, golf balls, rubber balls, bottles and even rolling pins!

The Footeez is specifically designed to enhance the effects of professional treatment and help patients self manage muscular and fascial tightness. It has a concave curve to contour to the users body part. This allows added comfort and more actual skin contact with the area being treated which will significantly enhance treatment.  The inner of the Footeez is a lightweight metal for strength and stability…It is then covered with conforming rubber with gentle ribbed beads to further assist in achieving optimal releases.

Footeez is packaged with a comprehensive information chart detailing the symptoms of plantar fascitis. Footeez is great for assisting people with Plantar Fascial problems – include spending some time on the Footeez roller to help loosen the plantar fascia and calf.

There are also suggestions for  alternative uses such as Releases for ITB, TFL, Peroneals, Lats.

Check out the Video below for a demo

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