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Clinic Armour – Treatment Table Covers With Facehole

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Designed for the allied health clinics and medical environments to reduce viral and bacterial infectivity on contact surfaces.

These hospital grade covers are rapid dry and enable wipe down of examination areas using approved cleaning agents.

With the changed infection control guidelines affecting healthcare, these are a must for clinics to reduce infection risks whilst also demonstrating to your client’s the clinics’ optimal hygiene practice.

Designed to reduce viral and bacterial infectivity on contact surfaces the Material used by Clinic Armour is:

  • Effective against MRSA,
  • Resistant to blood, urine, oil and fat,
  • gentle to the skin,
  • closed to bacteria
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Breathable.
  • Superior chemical resistance.
  • Dries quickly

These covers maximise your patient/practitioner safety; they also reduce clinic overheads through not requiring laundering or paper covers. This can, in turn, dramatically reduces your clinic’s carbon footprint.

Whether it be an electronic high-low couch or fixed height, the cover has welded adjustment ties to ensure a perfect fit and easy clean.

Welded seams and waterproof zips give another layer of protection to those hard to clean areas.

Treatment Table covers ensure a warm, antibacterial barrier that suits most hospital-based disinfectants for optimal patient contact surface protection.

Bed Types: Portable, fixed height and adjustable treatment tables.

Sizing Guide

Please work off total length not section length.   

All faceholes are 190mm in length including any custom designs.

All our covers have adjustable straps and elastic seams to ensure the best fit for your bed.

Measure your bed and choose the cover that best suits. 

Sizes below are based on a 50mm padded bed-  if your examination table has additional height please add the difference in height to the width and length required. 

i.e a Table 600mm x 1900mm with 80mm padding would require an additional 30mm each side and each end. So 60mm needs to be added to width and length measurements.

Fitting Guide

Clinic Armour products are designed to provide a best fit for pillows and treatment tables.

The following procedure is our recommended installation procedure:

1. Place the cover over the treatment table aligning the facehole first on models with faceholes.

2. Adjust the length of the bed by using the strap at the foot end of the bed. Attach the strap firmly to a fixed point of the undersurface of the bed. 

Note you can install a small self taping screw if your bed does not have a point of fixation. 

3. Tension the straps on the side of the cover, by passing them under the treatment table and through the  eyelets on the opposite side.  Tie with a “half hitch knot”

4. Find the straps either side of the face-hole by passing the straps through the eyelets and tension. Repeat on both side

5. Adjust the side or end straps for small adjustments.

6. Use double sided tape to address any cover bunching.   

Ensure the cover remains firm at all times. This will assist in cover cleaning.

Cleaning Care

Clinic Armour products are designed to be washed/wiped down with approved cleaning agents.

The following procedure is our recommended cleaning strategy:

Cleaning Equipment required: soft, non abrasive cloth, cleaning agent in recommended concentrate.   Either spray bottle or wipes are recommended.  Dry towel

Prior to cleaning ensure the cover is fitted well with no loose areas. Firm fit not tight

Any products with logo branding should not be exposed to hot temperatures.  We recommend a cold or warm wash if laundering. 

1. Use an approved cleaning agent – over the entire cover
2. Spread using a suitable cloth
3. Dry any excess cleaning agent off the surface with a dry towel to ensure a film residue from the cleaning agent doesn’t build up. This can leave the surface “shiny” 

This can be removed using a biodegradable detergent based cleaner.

The material has been tested against cleaning agents.

The normal cleaning instructions are to wipe the surface clean with a sponge or cloth with warm soapy water.

Clinic Armour covers can be washed in warm soapy water at up to 95°C.

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  • Clinic Armour – Treatment Table Covers With Facehole

    $150.00 ex GST

    or 4 payments of $37.50 with Afterpay

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