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Perskindol Active Gel

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Perskindol Active Gel contains plant-based essential oils which are rapidly absorbed and quickly cool to revitalise the skin. The balanced combination of essential oils also stimulates peripheral circulation which helps maintain healthy skin and provides a soothing, relaxing heat.

Perskindol Active Gel can be used before and after physical or sporting activity and for general well-being. This active gel has a pleasant natural scent which is quickly absorbed and is non-greasy. It quickly penetrates deeply into the skin without clogging the pores. The skin can continue to breathe leaving no risk of heat remaining.


  • SOOTHE INFLAMMATION, RELIEVE PAIN, and ENHANCE RECOVERY – Perskindol musle/joint relief gel has a triple therapeutic action. Apply to the affected area immediately feel the cool soothing effect. This is followed by an analgesic effect for instant relief from acute pain. Lastly Perskindol’s heat effect soothes the muscles and increases blood flow to enhance your recovery.
  • VERSATILITY – The right pain relief gel for ALL JOINT and MUSCLE GROUPS – Ideal for back pain, neck pain, hand and wrist pain, tennis elbow, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and even arthritis. No matter the pain, Perskindol’s analgesic property acts quickly for immediate relief from pain and soreness. The thermal action improves muscle and joint health by increasing blood flow and circulation.
  • ALL NATURAL with a PLEASANT SMELL – Our unique Swiss formula is not only an effective pain relief treatment but is also paraben free and chemical free. The pleasant fragrance, atypical of most hot and cold treatment creams, is menthol-based.
  • SAFE TO USE MULTIPLE TIMES DAILY FOR ADULTS and CHILDREN – Unlike some pain relief creams, Perskindol is safe for children 6 years old and up and can be applied many times per day. For anyone who is active and into sports, it is an absolute must to add it to your home medicine cabinet.
  • RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS – Perskindol is trusted by chiropractors, physical therapists, medical massage therapists, and athletic trainers for it’s effective pain relief formula.

A combination of Essential Oils with cooling, heating and analgesic effects;


Do not use with heated compresses. Do not use with a bandage. Do not cover. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use the product if you have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients, discontinue use if a rash develops.

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