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FLEXIT High Performance Bandage

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Flexit is not just a cohesive. It is designed to adhere securely and firmly to the skin to allow for strapping to be applied directly over the top. This 100% prevents the adhesive on strapping tapes to touch the skin, therefore reducing the incidence of taping allergies.

Flexit can also be used for secure compression post injury.

How & When do we use FLEXIT?

  • Some people don’t want adhesive on their skin
  • Adhesive can sometimes cause a reaction due to zinc oxide
  • You may already have irritated skin or tape cuts and still need taping
  • Some people don’t want to pre-shave the hairs on their skin prior to taping
  • Very comfortable and adds gentle compression
  • For kids, it can actually be strong enough without rigid tape on top
  • Allows for quicker removal

Check out the video below to see more info:

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