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Ergostyle Hylo Table


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Reinventing the Adjusting Table!


ErgoStyle™ HYLO is a revolutionary adjusting table with many standard features previously considered upgrades. Improved ergonomics include: bilateral control placement; powered front and pelvic sections; free falling Accelerator™ Drops; gas spring assist on headpieces, chest and pelvic cushions. What’s more, you can further customize your FX table from the extensive list of options!

Standard Features

– Manual Drops
Accelerator III is our newest design. Continuing on our quest for the perfect drop, we took the challenge head on. Quieter, quicker and still the world’s first and only modular drop design. No dead spots or surprises. Our drops will accelerate faster with increased tension, unlike our competitors who make you work harder when the drop is under tension. Our patented design looks and performs like no other in the world. ErgoStyle drops are tested to perform flawlessly, at a price you won’t believe!
– Fixed table height: 23.5” (60  cm)
– Tilting degrees: 0 to 63 degrees
– Tilting mechanism: Gear drive hydraulics with a “soft stop” in the down position
– Constant flow electronics allow a constant tilt speed with Automatic Weight Compensation regardless of patient’s weight and height
– Tilt speed Up: 9 seconds
– Tilt speed Down: 11 seconds
– 23.5” (60 cm) seamless cushions with multi-density foam
– Powered front and rear sections allow full power adjustment of table length
–  Powered chest extension: Extends 14.5” (37 cm)
–  Powered pelvic extension: Extends 14.5” (37 cm)
– Single side controls to power chest and pelvic extension
– Table length adjustment: 4′ 6″ – 6′ 11″ (137 cm – 212 cm)
– Footplate: Foldaway
– Ankle Rest: Fixed position
– Controlled safety system: 2 step tilt down control
– Table weight: 405 lbs (184 kg)
– Improved ergonomics that include bilateral control placement, handle design, free falling accelerating drops and gas spring assist on headpieces and drops
– Powder coated for durability
– Available in choice of standard upholstery colors
– Modular design, allows for future upgrades

– Seamless Cushions
We eliminated the need for seams and stitching and kept the smooth design element with our heat formed covering. Underneath is a multidensity two-layer foam unique to Ergostyle. It gives your patient the softness they need with a 1.5” (4 cm) overlayment, but is extra firm underneath to support the adjustment you want. Fitted with multidensity foam for ultimate patient comfort and crisp drop response.

Tuck-away Foot Board
• Gets out of your way to allow for unimpeded leg checks • Four point link for increased stability • Formed steel plate with non-slip surface • Rubber feet underneath to increase patient confidence • Rests on floor in up position for extra table stability

Customize Your ErgoStyle HYLO Table With These Additional Options:

• Headpiece Options
Choice of 5 models from basic tilting, to full drops. We have five different models to meet your demands. All elevating headpieces have gas assisted springs to eliminate the weight you need to lift. Four of our headpieces have fully adjustable face cushions for patient comfort. Learn more about the 5 different models

• Chest Piece Options
– Stationary Chest (Standard)
– Break-away Elevating Chest
Patient “fit” is assured with our gas spring assisted adjustable chest section
• Infinite adjustment +/- 20 degrees • Locking in all ranges • Gas assisted lift for effortless movement • Single-side or Dual-side controls available

• Chest Control Options
– Single Side Control (Standard w/Breakaway Chest)
– Dual controls for Break-away Chest and Elevating Chest

• Manual Drops with Speed Control
– Patented Accelerator™ III Manual Thoracic Drop
– Patented Accelerator™ III Manual Lumbar Drop
– Patented Accelerator™ III Manual Pelvic Drop

• Pelvic Options
– Fixed Pelvic Section (Standard)
– Elevating Pelvic
with infinite locking capability and single or bilateral side control assures proper patient “fit”. Gas spring assisted for ease of use.
• Infinite adjustment + 20 degrees • Locking in all ranges • Gas assisted lift for effortless movement
– Elevating Pelvic Single Side Control (Standard w/Elevating Pelvic Section)
– Elevating Pelvic Dual Side Control

• Elevation Foot Control Options
– Single Foot Tilt Control/Hylo (Plastic)
– Dual Foot Tilt Control/Hylo (Plastic)

Upgrade to Auto-Cocking
With a simple press of the foot control, the table is cocked via the patented Accelerator™ III Auto-Cocking Drops and ready for use. All Auto-Cocking drops include manual cocking handles.

Please note: When upgrading to Auto-Cocking, all three drops (thoracic, lumbar and pelvic) must be purchased together. Auto-Cocking on a single drop is not available.

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