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ZafeZone Hand and Surface Protectant

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Hands- 24 hours
Surfaces- 30 days


Key Points;
  • Advanced Technology- Unlike conventional anti-microbials, this sanitiser does not kill by chemical poisoning or alcohol dehydration. This non-toxic technology kills by a durable ‘mechanical‘ process – a layer of positively charged microscopic pins coat the surface to attract and kill negatively charged pathogens by rupturing the pathogen membrane. This protective coating remains bonded and intact on surfaces for up to 30 days and 24 hours on skin.
  • Zafezone Zoono chemically bonds(covalent bond) to surfaces which prevents it from being rubbed or washed off surfaces, including hands and furniture surfaces. The equivalent process can be seen when we scotch guard our couches with a surface protectant against stains.
  • The layer of Zafezone Zoono is around 20-30 molecules thick which covalently bonds to the surface and physically attracts virus and pathogens.
  • The Zafezone Zoono molecules are sharp, and physically burst through the membrane wall of the virus/pathogen destroying it. Like a needle bursting a balloon.
  • Regular sanitisers are short acting and will only chemically kill viruses and pathogens on contact. Once the sanitiser dries, it is no longer effective.
  • ZafeZone Hand Spray is proven to be active and effective for up to 24 hours. Washing and cleaning of the hands will not remove the ZafeZone and will continue to protect.
  • Zafezone Surface protectant is proven to be active and effective for up to 30 days. Cleaning and wiping down of surfaces will not remove ZafeZone once properly applied and will continue to protect surfaces.
  • Zafezone is fully TGA approved.
  • Water based formulation that is totally safe even on the most delicate skin.

The use of ZafeZone is a fundamental change of how we approach protection against virus and pathogens such as Coronavirus. This product has been proven to be highly effective against a wide array of pathogens, including E. Coli, H1N1 Swine Flu, several strains of Listeria, and even the debilitating gastro ailment, Norovirus.

Previously, this product has proven 99.99% effective against  MERS-Cov & SARS-Cov. Latest testing has confirmed 99.99% effectiveness against Coronavirus viruses.  All test results and case studies are available on request.

Check out the video below to see more;

  • Spray surface or hands and allow to fully dry- up to 10 mins. You can spray and wipe to disperse the spray over the surface evenly.
  • Use on office and clinical furniture eg computers, treatment tables, phones to give 30 days protection.
  • Use on Waiting room furniture eg chairs, door handles to give 30 days protection.
  • Use on gym equipment eg rehab gear, weights, pilates equipment to give 30 days protection.
  • Use on hands at the start of the day to give 24 hours protection.
  • Fogging and bio-clean service- for large areas eg clinic, gyms, office. Protect the community, your staff and your clients by creating a ZAFEZONE. We offer onsite FOGGING BIO-CLEANS with professional cleaning companies that are registered and trained to ZAFEZONE your workplace or home.
  • 250ml Hand spray
  • 250ml Surface protectant
  • 5L refills for both hand and surface protectants

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