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Winter Essentials Guide 2020

Its the start of summer but we are already hard at work preparing for the winter season in 2020. There is plenty on offer again in 2020 with an excellent APE Rewards program on offer in conjunction with brand rewards from Elastoplast, Leuko and Strapit.

Our Winter Essentials Guide 2020 is now available. Check it out and see what is on offer in 2020 and how your club will benefit by using APE Medical.

We supply all brands to suit all budgets and can often work together with other sponsorship arrangements your club may already have. Our team at APE is made up of sports physios and athletes who all know a thing or two about club requirements. If you need help with anything just get in touch.

Sports Trainers can also check out our Club Zone for more resources and guides to help prepare for the 2020 season. Check it out